Grand Designs

Published Date: October 31, 2013

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You can change the house but can you change the man?

Carrie Fraser is an interior decorator and cannot believe her luck when she is invited to work at Oakenbury Hall – a beautiful manor house in the heart of the English countryside. Nor can she quite get over the owner of Oakenbury – the gorgeous (not to mention, completely loaded!) Morgan Harrington. Morgan appears to have it all, but his previous life is clouded with sadness and heartache, which Carrie can relate to only too well. He is intent on running away from his troubled past to a glamorous, celebrity-filled existence in Cannes, but there’s a problem … Morgan is bound by his late father’s wishes to keep Oakenbury Hall within the family and have children, and the more time Carrie spends with him, the more she yearns to be the woman to fulfil this wish. But the likes of Carrie Fraser could never be enough for a high-flying businessman like Morgan … could she?

Available as a Kindle ebook. More soon including Audio.

Linda Mitchelmore

dscn03881Linda has had over two hundred short stories published worldwide. She has also won many short story writing competitions – Woman’s Own, Woman & Home and Writespace to name but three. In 2004, Linda was awarded The Katie Fforde Bursary by the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and has a story in their 50th Anniversary Anthology. Linda also won Short Story Radio Romance Prize 2010. Having started her writing career doing a short story course with Writing Magazine, she has now come full circle and is a preliminary judge for their short story competitions. Linda lives in Devon and is married with two grown-up children.


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Customer Reviews


  1. Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story
    Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story at .

    Mitchelmore had me in stitches when a scene popped in where Carrie’s Mum is hand-in-hand with her beau whilst Carrie is in the arms of Morgan! It was organically inserted and had such a strong effect of clarifying a few things all round – Morgan and Carrie are not the best to deny each others’ feelings even if they had second thoughts on the matter; though mostly, it was Carrie who was trying to put-off Morgan. When Louise (Carrie’s Mum) entered into the fray, you could nearly see how she wasn’t quite as dependent on Carrie as forethought to have been and how wrecking that was for Carrie, of whom I am not sure was ready to embrace her mother’s independence!

    I truly liked how the relationship was building between Carrie and Morgan; a lot of it was fuelled by mutual respect and mutual admiration; however, there were bits of their connection that needed working on such as the trust Carrie was hesitative to place in Morgan. The worst for Carrie was being carted off outside her comfort zone when Morgan insisted she travel with him. This led to nearly the undoing of Carrie’s mental state, as she blundered herself into a muddled situation she could not quite see at first how to undo. When it came to the particulars, Carrie was still feeling the pinges of remorse over putting her heart into a chaste state of solitude. Morgan in this light was a gentleman even if Carrie’s reactions left him in smirks moreso than disappointment.

    The true beauty is how Mitchelmore united the two reluctant lovers and gave them a reason for trusting each other. There is a lot of heart and a lot of life bubbling inside this novella; so much so, you’ll be delighted to take the journey.

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  2. Robyn K
    Robyn K at .

    I thought Grand designs was an adorable novella. It was just the book to spend an afternoon with.

    Although it was a modern novella, to me it will always be an old-fashioned love story. Morgan was a wonderful character, he was titled but he did not behave as if he was entitled. He was a very down to earth and lovable character. In my head I pictured him as Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey.

    In some ways I think Oakenbury is a metaphor for Morgan. As Carrie investigates and sweeps away the detritus of the past, she gives the whole place a fresh new lift. In the process, she actually did the same for Morgan.

    Grand designs was a slow waltz through an aspiring love affair. It was warm, witty and will give you that feeling in your stomach of loves’ first blush.

    The length was perfect for reading in one sitting with afternoon tea. I highly recommend this light-hearted read that will leave you with a joyous feeling all day.

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