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A Christmas Secret

Published Date: November 8, 2018

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Schubert Sereis

150 pages


What if a secret from Christmas past was stopping you from moving on to Christmas future?

When Hugo McCreadie steps into Isla Brodie’s pet portrait studio to get a ‘Festive Furball Photo Shoot’ for his sister’s cat Schubert, he does question his sanity. But he knows the photographs will be the perfect Christmas present for his eccentric sister, Nessa – and he finds himself quite taken with ditzy, animal-loving Isla Brodie, too.

Will a Christmas secret from long ago prevent Hugo and Isla’s new friendship from going any further? Or will a certain big, black cat taking matters into his own paws lead them not only on a mad winter dash through snowy Edinburgh –but into each other’s arms for Christmas as well?

Book 2 – Schubert series. Other book in series – Every Witch Way.It Started with Pirate,It Started with a Giggle, It Started with a Wedding and Bea’s Magical Summer Garden

Available as an eBook and Audio download on all platforms. Paperback available from Amazon. 

Kirsty Ferry

Kirsty FerryKirsty Ferry is from the North East of England and lives there with her husband and son. She won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing competition and has had articles and short stories published in various magazines. Her work also appears in several anthologies, incorporating such diverse themes as vampires, crime, angels and more.

Kirsty loves writing ghostly mysteries and interweaving fact and fiction. The research is almost as much fun as writing the book itself, and if she can add a wonderful setting and a dollop of history, that’s even better.

Her day job involves sharing a building with an eclectic collection of ghosts, which can often prove rather interesting.



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Customer Reviews


  1. Samantha M-E
    Samantha M-E at

    Oh my goodness, what a giggle this was. Schubert definitely deserves his own series. He is hilarious ! The connection Nessa has with her cat is just too funny.
    The story had me giggling the whole way through. Hugo, is Nessa’s brother and is cat while she jet sets off to the US. Nessa is due back on Christmas Eve and he has not got a present for Nessa yet. He walks in to Pet Portraits with a pink cat charrier in the hope a miricle can be performed in getting Schubert to pose for photo’s. Little does he know how absolutely gorgeous and cute the owner is (Isla!). It seems Isla can talk to Schubert too and surprising everyone (yes even the cat) Schubert performs and actually looks like he is enjoying himself.

    Schubert is certainly a character of his own, he has powers – serious powers, he can turn lights on and off, take himself for a walk (with a purple lead) and has the knack of catching the naughty guys and setting up the good guys. The chase around Edinburgh and the ice rink was brilliant – the helter skelter scene, had me in stitches. What a great feel good book. I’m really not a cat person, but still read this in one sitting – so that says lots. It is just the tonic for some Christmas cheer, cheekiness and romance – especially in the current climate ! Thank you again Kirsty and Choc Lit!

  2. Janine Nelson
    Janine Nelson at

    A meddling cat sounds an odd focus for a christmas story but this just works, I love Schubert the cat and I am definitely not a cat lover! This book takes you away from the dark nights and the cold and makes you smile all the way through, its such a fun festive read with a great storyline too about Hugo and Isla and if they can both let go of their past to find a festive romance. A lovely read.

  3. Jo Lambert
    Jo Lambert at

    A wonderful festive read. Loved Isla and Hugo’s characters. Animals in novels don’t always work, but there was something otherworldly about Schubert and the wayward feline added a touch of comedy to the story. I liked the way the story was worked from both Hugo and Isla’s viewpoints. It was a light, sweet romance with definite Christmas sparkle. I think I already guessed when both Hugo and Isla were out looking for Schubert and saw the police cars that Schubert had taken care of Griffin. He was a thoroughly nasty character but apart from the confrontation in the restaurant he didn’t feature directly which for me kept the balance of the story just right.

  4. Debbie Southwell
    Debbie Southwell at

    Cats and Christmas equals a magical combination in this heart-warming novella.
    I loved this story of Hugo, who has a bit of a troubled past and Isla who takes photographs of pets for a living and the wonderful cat Schubert, the real star of the story.
    Isla had a nasty break up with her ex and it’s left her wary of getting involved with anyone, until that is she meets Hugo and despite trying to resist, knows she is falling for him.
    This is a wonderful story, told from both points of view, of how their relationships develops on the lead up to Christmas and how their fledgling relationship is broken by someone from their past. Schubert the cat however has other ideas and will do everything in his cat power to get things back on track.
    Whether you are a cat lover or not this is a fabulous feel good story to get you into the Christmas spirit, full of emotion and humour and I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    Put a smile on my face from start to finish! Great read with interesting characters and the strangest cat – can a cat have their own secret agenda?! Fun read and just purrfect for a cold winter day! Highly recommended

  6. Barbara p
    Barbara p at

    Love Christmas? Like cats? Adore romances? This is the book for you. Add it to your Christmas wish list now, or better still buy it yourself immediately!
    This is a smashing story of Annie and Hugo whose Christmas romance is carefully handled by the very capable Schubert, who appears to have magical properties, that is unless you know cats in which case you know it is their natural gift!
    The story takes in all the normal problems that the couple encounter but played out on a Christmas background. Chocolate to hand and enjoy your read.

  7. Gill L.
    Gill L. at

    Another whimsical little story from Kirsty Ferry, a sort of sequel to Every Witch Way, but certainly readable as a stand alone. Isla has her own little business in Edinburgh, pet grooming and photography, and Hugo wants to get pics of his sister’s cat as a Christmas present. But Schubert is not an ordinary cat …. He appears to be telepathic, and speaks English, with a mind and ideas of his own. (Talks to his owner, Nessa, on the phone!) Hugo was something of a tearaway in his youth and it comes back to bite him when he is out with Isla for the first time and her ex butts in.
    Enter Schubert …. Most enjoyable read, thanks Kirsty, I’m always happy to see another of your works.

  8. Ruth
    Ruth at

    A lighthearted read and particularly for anyone who has a pet that understands every word spoken to it.
    Hugo is caring for his eccentric sister’s cat Schubert that is able to understand human speech and even read minds. When Hugo takes Schubert for a cat portrait as an amusing Christmas present for his sister, he meets the lovely Isla who runs the pet shop.
    On Christmas Eve, Schubert escapes Hugo’s cat sitting care and leads Hugo and Isla on a madcap chase through the snowy streets of Edinburgh. Finally at the very end of the book, the reasons for this clever moggie’s antics are revealed.
    A fun read for an evening at home, with or without a cat for company.

  9. Els Ebraert
    Els Ebraert at

    If you are looking for a Christmas story that is and romantic and funny, no need to look any further.

    It was very nice meeting up again with certain 2 legged and 4 pawed characters from the previous book.

    I liked the story behind Hugo, Griffin and Isla. I liked the way Nessa communicates with her cat. It made me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud.

    Sometimes it needs a little divine intervention to make 2 people see what the rest of the world already saw, but sometimes a little feline intervention can do the trick as well.

    A lovely, heartwarming story in a freezing setting. 4 stars.

    Thank you, Kirsty Ferry and Choc Lit.

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