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A Game of Desire

Published Date: June 25, 2019

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200 pages


The Queen of Diamonds never loses …

Felicity Fox is a rarity for a woman living in the early 1800s. Not only does she frequent the ‘gambling hells’ where most ladies would not dare to tread, she can also beat any man at his own game. It’s no wonder she’s gained notoriety as the ‘Queen of Diamonds’.

Edward, Earl of Addington, despises gambling and is not exactly enamoured of Felicity Fox either, especially after she tried to swindle his family. Except now the Earl requires assistance from the Queen of Diamonds – and there’s everything to play for. But with Edward will Felicity find she’s involved in a more dangerous game than she’s ever played before?

Another unputdownable regency romance from Sharon. Includes a link to her first novel The Marked Lord

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Sharon Ibbotson

Sharon IbbotsonSharon is Australian but has lived in the UK for nearly twenty years. She started writing romance when she ran out of Sweet Valley High movies to read. She lives in London with her husband and two kids. Her professional background is in marketing and she has a degree in anthropology and gender studies from the University of Edinburgh. She loves reading and writing regency romance novels, especially those with a more gothic and darker tone.



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Customer Reviews


  1. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    Definitely not your typical Regency story. No swooning or simpering young ladies here! Felicity is an independent woman who clashes with the strait laced Earl. Forced to work together can they overcome their disastrous past history and upbringings? A slow start but worth persevering and you find this an enjoyable read

  2. BarbaraP
    BarbaraP at

    The intriguing story of the relationship between Felicity and Edward is also the story of addiction, debt, poverty, despair and the fight to become free of these horrors. This is the reality of the glamorous world of 1800s. Wow, that sounds like a grim story but far from it. This story is a joyful telling of a romance which you hope will be fulfilled but every page brings you a different doubt. The pages turn quickly as you hope the outcome will be happy. Is it? Well, that I won’t tell you, read and enjoy this book to the very end.

  3. Anne
    Anne at

    I hadn’t read Sharon’s books before, but I loved this novel so much, she is definitely on my summer reading list. The characters were complex, intriguing and easy to care about. Edward, both handsome and moody has no time for the woman he believes tried to rob the family diamonds. But Felicity, good looking and intelligent is no shrinking violet. Edward might have banished her from London, but she is still doing what she does best in the North of England. Known as the Queen of Diamonds, she not only a gambler, but the best there is. A sort of female Robin Hood character. But, when there is an issue again with the family jewels, Edwards seeks her out to teach him the tricks of her trade, so he can play for them at a gambling party. This is one game he can’t afford to lose, but is there more to this woman than he first thought?
    This was a real page turner that kept me gripped to the end. A beautifully written book from unusual angle, I really enjoyed it.

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