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A Paris Fairy Tale

Published Date: July 23, 2019

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220 pages


Is Paris the city of happily ever afters?

Workaholic art historian Aurora Black doesn’t have time for fairy tales or Prince Charmings, even in the most romantic city in the world. She has recently been hired by a Parisian auction house for a job that could make or break her career. Unfortunately, daredevil journalist Cédric Castel seems intent on disrupting Aurora’s routine.

As Aurora and Cédric embark on a journey across France, they get more than they bargained for as they find themselves battling rogue antiques dealers and personal demons, not to mention a growing attraction to each other.

But with the help of a fairy godmother or two, could they both find their happily ever afters?


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Marie Laval

Originally from Lyon in France, Marie now lives in Lancashire with her family. She works full-time as a modern languages teacher, and in her spare times loves writing romance and dreaming about romantic heroes. She writes both historical and contemporary romance, and her historical romance The Lion’s Embrace won the Gold Medal at the Global eBook Awards 2015 (category Historical Romance). She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Authors. Her native France, as well as her passion for history and research, very much influences her writing, and all her novels have what she likes to call ‘a French twist’!


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Customer Reviews


  1. Luise Pirie
    Luise Pirie at

    Marie’s writing style is very good and easy to read.  She enables the reader to imagine the setting and empathise with the characters effortlessly.

    I was whisked along throughout the story enjoying the imagery of Paris with Papa Louis’ Jazz Club, Cédric’s apartment and a romantic, if crumbling, chateaux in the Massif Central to only name a few.

    The characters back stories are cleverly intertwined with history and personal tragedies which whip you up and keep you going to the end where the whole story unfolds.  I have not read the Da Vinci Code, but I am guessing this may be similar to that novel but I don’t care, I loved it and read it in two sittings.

    A love story with an historic betrayal and plenty of baddies too!

    I bought and read Marie’s ‘Little Pink Taxi’ last summer and really enjoyed it.  I had no idea when I was reading this as a taster panel member that it was her writing – but loved it just as much.

  2. Anne
    Anne at

    Marie Laval just gets better and better. I loved this book. Palaeographer, Aurora Black, is thrown together with Cedric by the man who has hired her to validate an important historical manuscript prior to sale at auction. It is a job that could make or break her, is she up to it or has she just been asked because of her grandfather’s reputation. Is someone trying to make sure she doesn’t uncover the truth and is Cedric just a distraction too far. Marie weaves the plot beautifully and created a story which deftly negotiates twists and turns and will have you guessing until the end. The chemistry between the two main characters is obvious. Cedric was an easy hero for me to fall in love with and I was with them every step of the way. Thank you. Marie, another great book.

  3. Stacey Rinnert
    Stacey Rinnert at

    I loved this book!! I read Marie Laval’s debut book, Little Pink Taxi, but I think this one might be my favorite. I love romances with a bit of mystery with a dash of art theft thrown in. I found Aurora and Cedric to be charming and dynamic together. I definitely could not put this one down. I’m eager to see what Laval writes next!!

  4. BarbaraP
    BarbaraP at

    This is a very unusual read, a romance, a crime and a new, to me, subject. The subject is historical manuscripts and yes, I had heard about them but the way they have to be authenticated was new, this book touched on this in an interesting and informative way. It is the crux of the story, around which the crime and the romance revolves. The writing is excellent and I had no idea where the story was heading. The crime was woven so well that I found it impossible to guess the outcome. The romance again was deeply entrenched in the book that again it was not obvious as to the outcome. Cedric and Aurora were so real I felt as if I knew them. The descriptions of Paris were genuine and evocative. I really loved this book and hope that the author has another on the go.

  5. Vanessa
    Vanessa at

    A tangled tale of shady shenanigans in the historical art world. A palaeographer with a tragic past meets a journalist with a heart, and the two of them find love through a series of adventures. Dodgy characters abound, and tragedy is never far away … a great expansive romantic thriller full of drama and passion.

  6. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    Initially I disliked the two lead characters- the ice queen Aurora obsessed with ancient manuscripts and the seemingly playboy slash flirt Cedric. However as the story and characters unfold, both characters become amazing people. This is two stories in one – a possible love story and an exciting thriller involving crooks, dangerous Russians and monks! Thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely worth reading!

  7. Gill Leivers
    Gill Leivers at

    This is quite a ripping adventure yarn, with a typical heroine, Aurora – low self esteem, bright and intelligent, a paleographer just trying to further her career in old manuscripts (working at the Institute in Manchester founded by her grandfather) having been asked to go to Paris to authenticate (or not) one just having come to light there. She has plenty of scars, both physical and emotional. Enter the journalist hero, Cedric – a typical bad boy, having had his own desperate childhood with an alcoholic, addict mother. Lots of villains abound but there are also plenty of happier aspects – Cedric is heavily involved in trying to help young people on the street (as he once was), and immigrants struggling to cross the sea from Libya. All in all, a pretty good read that I am happy to recommend.

  8. Ruth
    Ruth at

    The author’s previous book was a delightful lighthearted romance, this, her latest novel, is an absorbing romantic mystery dealing with more serious issues, all mixed in with plenty of humour. An up-to-date and satisfying read, thoroughly recommended.

    Aurora has concentrated totally on her career leaving no time for a private life. When she’s sent to Paris to authenticate an ancient book she meets charismatic Cédric who is the total opposite to her, there is an instant mutual dislike – or is there?

    A fun chase around France and Italy with a bit of a gastronomy thrown in.

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