Dance until Dawn by Berni Stevens
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Dance until Dawn

Published Date: April 7, 2014

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Available in Paperback and an eBook


 Book 1 - Immortals of London

352 pages


Do you Believe in Love After Life?

At twenty-two, West-End dancer, Ellie Wakefield should be having the time of her life. The only problem is, since waking up in a three-hundred-year-old vampire’s leaky cellar, Ellie’s been very much dead. And to make matters worse, she’s found that an aversion to blood and a fear of the dark aren’t very helpful – especially when you’re a fledgling vampire.

William James Austen has fallen hard. He’s spent the last year loving Ellie from afar and now he’s finally able to be truthful about who and what he is. As the most powerful vampire in London, he’s used to getting what he wants. But this time, Will might just have bitten off more than he can chew.

Book 1 – Immortals of London. Book 2 – Revenge is Sweet.

Available in paperback for all good bookshops and online stores. Ebook available on all the major platforms.

Berni Stevens

berni_newBerni Stevens lives in a four-hundred-year-old cottage in Hertfordshire, England, with her husband, son and black cat. She trained in graphic design and has worked as a book cover designer for more than twenty years.

Books and art remain her passion, and her love of the paranormal began when she first read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, aged fourteen. She is now on both the committee and the book panel of the Dracula Society, a society for fans of gothic literature and film.

Berni writes contemporary and fantasy romance.

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Customer Reviews


  1. Carol James
    Carol James at

    I could not put this book down ,I have read a lot of Vampire books and this one is the best ever .

  2. Kirsty
    Kirsty at

    I found this book somewhat mesmerising. It isn’t anything like Twilight, it is a whole new vampire world. The relationship between Ellie and Will made me smile, and the flirtatious banter made me laugh.

    The book really does centre around their relationship and doesn’t really get into the battle between Will and the the evil Khiara until quite a way into the book. To be honest, I still don’t know what the Trials are and the ‘battle’ itself didn’t really seem to grip me in the way it should have. I didn’t feel nervous at the outcome and I think because it wasn’t built up for long enough into a suspense for me.

    However I really liked the characters and their relationship. Will is an extremely chivalrous man despite being a vampire, and I challenge you not to fall in love with him, just a little bit…!

  3. Lucinda F
    Lucinda F at

    Expectations were exceeded with Berni Stevens hauntingly mesmeric, paranormal fantasy as I was sat glued to the pages throughout truly impressed! Anyone seeking a sublime supernatural story that’s richly evocative, chilling and that `seeps underneath your skin’ must consider adding this to their bookshelf.

    Ellie and Will are two star-crossed lovers whose story has touched me inwardly so as to leave a permanent mark, and proof of how {overlook the cliché) similarly to Romeo & Juliet that love lasts eternally! Will is as darkly delicious as a sinfully seductive slab of heavenly chocolate; melting you inwardly as an irresistible magnet for any romantic reader! Move over Ellie – he’s mine!

  4. InD'tale Magazine
    InD'tale Magazine at

    InD'Tale Magazine
    Ms. Stevens writes a story that has been done time and again. Vampire falls in love with mortal then must change them in order to save them from certain death. Though the plot is not original, the writing is spectacular!
    Reviewed by Molly, InD’tale Magazine.
    Read the full review here…

  5. Robyn K
    Robyn K at

    I found Dance until Dawn positively seductive! Ellie wakes up in a new gothic world of vampires. She is totally confused and that confusion leads to some of the most humourous one liners. There is some truly wonderful dialogue in the book and that is what carries it to a new level. Most of the early part of the book is just Ellie and Will in one room getting to know each other and those kind of claustrophobic scenes are very well written. Berni Stevens writes in such a way that there are no distractions; it is just a singularly driven piece of written art.

    Will is such a delicious character. He has a very tragic past but he still maintains his humanity. He is a cross between an old-fashioned gothic hero and an empathic modern man. This book really alters the misconceptions of what you may think vampires really are.

    What really struck me about Dance Until Dawn was the fact that Will and Elinor were equals. They took turns rescuing another from various spots of bother. I found that very refreshing. I can not wait to see what Berni Steven’s writes next.

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