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Meet Me at the Art Cafe

Published Date: March 26, 2019

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Would you take a chance on a bad boy with a leather jacket and a vintage motorbike?

That’s the question single mum Jo Morris has to ask herself when she collides with local bike mechanic Ed Griffiths on a rainy Welsh hillside. Working at the Art Café, Jo hears the gossip and is all too aware of Ed’s reputation.

But whilst he’s certainly no angel, there is something about Ed’s daredevil antics that Jo can’t ignore. And as she gets to know him better and watches the kind way he deals with her young son Liam, she begins to wonder – is there more to this ‘bad boy’ than meets the eye?

Book 2 – Art Café series. Book 1 – Summer at the Art Café.  Book 3 – Escape to the Art Café.

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Sue McDonagh

Sue McDonagh’s career as a policewoman for Essex Police was cut short when she was diagnosed at the age of twenty-four with ovarian cancer. After a successful recovery and a stint working as a Press Officer she moved to Wales.

In Wales her love of art evolved into a full-time occupation and she made a living teaching and sketching portraits at shows. In 2014 she was a regional finalist for the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. She now works exclusively to commissions from her art gallery.

In 2009 she learned to ride a motorbike, and now helps run Curvy Riders, a national, women only, motorbike club. Her joy of motorbikes and her love of writing inspired her to write the Art Café series.
Sue, granny of two little girls and proud mum of two stepsons, lives a mile from the sea in Wales. She can often be found with her border terrier, Scribbles, at her art gallery. Scribble thinks the customers only come in to see him. Sometimes, Sue thinks that too.

When she’s not painting, she’s writing or on her motorbike. She belongs to a local writing group and the Romantic Novelist’s Association.

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Customer Reviews


  1. Vicky S
    Vicky S at

    I absolutely loved this second book by Sue and was hooked from the start. Both Ed and Jo carry a secret and I liked the fact that we had to wait right until the end to discover Jo’s. If I had the luxury of time I would have read this in one sitting!
    Several characters from Sue’s first novel, Summer at the Art Cafe , are woven into this story and I now can’t wait to read the third book.

  2. Jane Stone
    Jane Stone at

    Great summer read, I loved Jo and Liam after the first chapter!! A real page turner, didn’t want it to end, just like a bar of chocolate. Gives a warm glowing feeling inside. Believable characters with pure escapism. Having holidayed in the Gower recently and thoroughly enjoyed it I can imagine the Art Cafe at the top of Rhossili’s glorious beach. Thoroughly recommend.

  3. Sylvia Hughes Williams
    Sylvia Hughes Williams at

    Another thoroughly enjoyable page-turner from Sue McDonagh. I became totally immersed in the plot which was fun, with a touch of mystery and believable characters. This book is heartwarming, funny and also touches on serious issues with insight and understanding. I can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Helen Taylor
    Helen Taylor at

    I loved this book. Sue is extremely talented, and takes you to a very believable place. Her characters are delightful . I lost myself in this book and couldn’t put it down. I’m hoping that there will be a book number three.

  5. Jo Lambert
    Jo Lambert at

    Well, what can I say?  This is a really feel good read. There’s Ed a bad boy who’s really a good guy at heart. Jo a single mum working at the Art Cafe, making a new life for herself while protecting her small son from secrets of the past. Fun loving Beryl next door whose a mix of practical neighbour and caring surrogate mum to Jo. And of course four year old Liam. He absolutely steals the show with his energy and innocent questions which can sometimes prove embarrassing.  Once again Sue has created a story around motorbikes, which are her passion.   But romance definitely takes centre stage and if you enjoyed  Summer at the Art Cafe, you will love this.

    A story packed with characters you’ll remember long after you’ve reached the end of the story.

  6. Barbara p
    Barbara p at

    This is a stand alone book but part of a series. The heroine, Jo, is a single mum who is just about managing. A freak motor accident brings her literally into contact with Ed and the story tracks their romance with all the ups and downs imaginable. The heroine, Ed, proves to be the the bad boy with a heart, and Jo’s son soon sees Ed as his new father. This is a sweet romance which will entertain you.

  7. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    Throw together a bad boy with a heart of gold, a single mum with a secret, the cutest kid ever, and in the hands of this talented author you have a fabulous story! Loved this novel, which is set against a lovely seaside town. Highly recommend – possibly best novel of the year so far!

  8. Gill Leivers
    Gill Leivers at

    Jo is a single mum with secrets, struggling to make ends meet, working at the Art Cafe and living in a rough cottage on the Welsh coast, ‘upcycling’ bits and pieces to make a bit extra. Ed is the local playboy, commitment phobe – the last person she needs. Or is he?
    We find out a bit more about the people we met earlier at the Art Cafe – Lucy and Ash, Richard etc, and other new people, while travelling along Jo’s journey.
    This is an entertaining novel which kept me interested throughout – a pleasant read that I can truly recommend. I would say here that you really need to read the two books in order (Summer at the Art Cafe then this one) in order not to spoil the first story, unless you don’t mind knowing how it turns out before you start!

  9. Ruth
    Ruth at

    Jo is a single mum to 5-year old Liam and when not working at the Art Cafe spends her weekends cycling around the nearby countryside seeking furniture to recycle for her fledgling business.
    When Jo is knocked of her bicycle by leather clad biker Ed, a notorious ladies’ man, she has neither the time nor the inclination to get to know him, she just wants her only means of transport repaired. Ed starts turning up everywhere, Jo just can’t ignore him and begins to believe that he’s not such a bad guy after all. Will their new relationship be strong enough to survive if they confess their private secrets to each other?
    The second book by Sue McDonagh based around The Art Cafe, a follow up from the excellent Summer at the Art Cafe, with many characters making a welcome appearance. Funny and a delightful read.

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