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No Such Thing as Immortality

Published Date: January 7, 2013

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336 pages


I will protect you until the day I die … forever!

A vampire does not have to feel any emotion not of his choosing.  And Nathaniel Gray has spent two hundred years choosing not to feel.  But when he accidentally runs Rowan Locke off the road, he is inexplicably flooded with everything she’s feeling, and that’s rage, and lots of it.

He is consumed with the need to protect Rowan at all costs including from himself. To Nate, what is happening is unthinkable and is pretty much as unbelievable as the existence of faeries.

But you see, ‘There is no such thing as …immortality.’

This is Nate’s story …

Available in paperback in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Dubai and most English speaking countries plus online bookstores. Ebook currently only available on Kindle – more soon.

Sarah Tranter

Sarah Tranter - RDSarah Tranter  lives in Wiltshire, England with her very supportive husband and her two boys. The family includes Rufus the dog, two cats, five chickens, countless pet spiders and an assortment of bugs (courtesy of her youngest). Sarah has been a Constituency Researcher for a Labour Member of Parliament, a Political Lobbyist and a London Publicist, before turning her career to writing.


Sarah’s novels include: No such thing as immortality and Romancing the Soul (January 2014).

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Customer Reviews


  1. Devolution Magazine
    Devolution Magazine at

    The deeply emotional love story between Rowan Locke and Nathaniel Gray automatically draws comparisons to Twilight, and in some instances it’s easy to see why, giving it’s a love story between a young woman and a previously emotionless vampire.

    ….If you’re into the recent plethora of vampire-related love stories then you’ll really be able to sink your fangs into this read, where the dialogue between the characters really allows you to submerse yourself in the world of the novel.

    Extract from a review in Devolution Magazine, Issue 36.

  2. Robyn K
    Robyn K at

    This book has been on my wish list for some months now, and it was worth every moment of my waiting. No such thing as immortality is a beautifully crafted adult vampire love story.

    A car crash is what starts it all- and hooks you in. I found I couldn’t put down the book down. Nate is so overprotective at times, he behaves like a mother hen, but it is that fierce loyalty that makes him such an exceptional character.

    The thing that impressed me about No such thing as immortality is the portrayal and importance of family and friendship. Usually vampires are shown as solitary creatures but here we have actual family members in Nate’s sister, Elizabeth. It is refreshing to have a vampire marriage (Frederick and Elizabeth) and feature monogamy as theme.

    Rowen’s and Nate’s relationship is portrayed honestly. Rowen’s reaction to finding out what Nate truly is- is probably as close to how it would be if you found out the man you loved was a vampire. At no point does it get all dreamy, the author did a wonderful job of dealing with all the practical problems of a vampire to human relationship.

    In essence, I think this book is about unconditional love. It is about finding that rarity of a person whom you love more than yourself and would die to protect. Sarah Tranter’s writing is so beautiful and she expresses love so uniquely.

    This is another gem of British Vampire fiction, and luckily for us- this is book one of a trilogy.

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