Recipe for Mr Super by Anni Rose
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Recipe for Mr Super

Published Date: July 6, 2022

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320 pages


Where’s a hero when you need him?

In Autumn Rigden’s case, enjoying semi-celebrity status on the other side of the world. Although Nick Flynn is no superman – talented horse rider and Super Sportstar of the Year he might be, but he has a habit of leaving Autumn in the lurch when she needs him most.

Anyway, Autumn is too busy with her new career to care about Nick. Okay, so she’s had to give up her OIympic dressage dream, her childhood home and beloved Shetland pony – and all to the benefit of Gordon, Nick’s money-grabbing father. But Autumn’s new ambition is to become an heir hunter extraordinaire, and with a promising commission and only a few weirdos demanding she prove they’re related to royalty, she’s all set.

But when Mr Super returns, will Autumn find that forgetting about horses and the Flynns is harder than she could have ever imagined?

Book 3 Recipes for Life. Book 1 – Recipe for Mr Right. Book 2 – Recipe for Mr Perfect.

Available as an eBook & audiobook on all platforms. Paperback available from Amazon.  

Anni Rose

Anni Rose

Anni lives in Wiltshire with her husband, her sister, two dogs, a cat and a grey speckled hen. She has had a number of short stories published in various magazines and her work also appears in a number of anthologies.

She has wanted to write for as long as she can remember. As a child, she produced reams of stories. Thankfully most of them have been lost over the years, although the ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ did resurface recently! And when not writing, she read voraciously.

Work might have got in the way for a while, but writing was a love that never died and she loves it as much now as she did back then.

These days, she writes modern day romances with – spoiler alert – a happy ending and a healthy dollop of humour thrown in.

Away from writing, Anni can usually be found behind a camera, walking her dogs, enjoying her husband’s curries or one of her sister’s bakery treats.

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Customer Reviews


  1. StaceyR
    StaceyR at

    Autumn is nursing a broken heart. She’s lost her brother, her home, her horses, and her father’s health is going downhill fast. She’s trying to make a new life, but her brother’s best friend comes home and makes it difficult for her.

    I really enjoyed this book. I’m not familiar with the horse circuit, but the plot was easy to follow. Autumn and Nick have great chemistry and a sweet story. Edna is a great addition that does a good job throwing Autumn and Nick together.

  2. Barbara p
    Barbara p at

    A horsey romance with a difference! The family problems that our heroine Autumn encounters after the death of her twin not only ruined her professional life but also her romantic life. The way these were resolved were well thought out and have you rooting for her throughout. There again, her love for Nick was evident throughout, as was his for her. A mystery and romance which will keep you reading.

  3. Ruth
    Ruth at

    Fluffy, funny and entertaining

    Mourning her twin brother’s sudden death and desperately in need of funds to pay her father’s nursing home fees, the only way to avoid bankruptcy is for Autumn Rigden to sell the family stables and yard to her neighbour, the bad tempered and extremely unpleasant, Gordon Flynn. A condition Gordon Flynn makes when buying Autumn’s property is that she must stop training horses for one year and discontinue her relationship with his son Nick. Cutting Nick out of her life isn’t a problem, he’s let her down too many times in the past.

    With no qualifications other than a supreme knowledge of horses, Autumn has turned to heir hunting, spending her time searching for people who are legally entitled to inherit property when someone dies intestate. Being a probate researcher is an unreliable way of earning a living, leaving her struggling financially.

    After months away competing for the Sportsman of the Year, Nick returns home determined to rekindle his relationship with Autumn to find she no longer lives next door and refuses to speak to him. To have a chance with Autumn, Nick will finally have to stand up to his bullying father.

    The third in the ‘Recipe for Mr’ series, author Anni Rose has once again written an amusing plot with an ‘aaah’ ending.

  4. Gill L.
    Gill L. at

    I soon got involved with this story(such an unlucky heroine!) and couldn’t put it down till I finished the book – the author seems to have got the Recipe right for me! I enjoyed the experience and would like to recommend it as an entertaining good read.

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