Strictly on Ice by Helen Buckley
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Strictly on Ice

Published Date: March 9, 2021

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When falling in love comes with the risk of falling flat on your face …

Former Olympic skating champion Katie Saunders is well known for her ‘ice queen’ persona in the press. On the face of it, perhaps Katie should have forgiven her former skating partner and ex-boyfriend, Alex Michaelson, for the accident that shattered both her ankle and their Olympic dreams – but she just can’t seem to let it go.

When Katie reluctantly agrees to take part in a new TV skating show, it’s only because she’s desperate for cash. What she didn’t count on is the drama – not only is she partnered up with infamous love rat rugby player Jamie Welsh, but one of the judges is none other than Alex Michaelson himself.

As the show progresses, will Katie be shown the hard way, once again, that romance on the ice should remain strictly off-limits?

Book 1 – Spotlight Series. Book 2 – Celebrity SOS

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Helen Buckley

Helen Buckley

Helen Buckley lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and two sons. After working in the charity sector in the UK and abroad, she turned her hand to writing and her first novel, Star in the Shadows, was published in 2019. She writes any moment that she can, enthralled by stories of fame, romance and happy ever afters. Apart from being addicted to writing and enjoying soft play with her sons, she’s an avid reader, action-movie fan and chocolate addict.

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Customer Reviews


  1. MummySam
    MummySam at

    A really lovely and self absorbing read.  I thoroughly enjoued the characters.

    The storyline was relatable, imaginable and inspiring.  It is a take on Dancing on Ice but with a lot more twists and turns. 

    Katie is an ex-Olympian skater who had her career cut short in the most painful way.  Jamie is an ex-England rugby player who has had his fair share of bad press.

    They are asked to join the new show but neither are sure, although for very different reasons, the money would help them both out and so they agree. 

    It’s an  absolute shock to then discover her ex boyfriend (and ex skating partner) will be on the judging panel.  Begind the scenes a lot of people want them to rekindle their romance and to see them skate again. 

    You’ll have to read it for yourself to find out about the various characters and to find out who will win the Strictly on Ice competition ⛸

  2. StaceyR
    StaceyR at

    What a sweet story in this book. Katie is a world-class ice skater who had a tragic accident. Jamie is an ex-Rugby player who is paired up with Katie for a reality ice dancing show. It was a lovely book to read and I highly recommend it. You’ll be rooting for Katie and Jamie too!

  3. Janine Nelson
    Janine Nelson at

    I started reading this book and thought Katie was a rude, petulant girl towards Alex who she partnered with and went on to succeed in ice skating competitions and be the best they could be until an unfortunate accident halted her career … but as the story unfolds and Katie is forced to work with Alex again, there is a twist, one which has been handled with great sensitivity.
    As Katie gets partnered with Jamie on an upcoming tv skating show, another celeb with issues, the story grows and secrets unfold – it is one unputdownable book that I looked forward to picking up every time.

  4. Barbara p
    Barbara p at

    Wow! This book has it all! Romance, sport, competition, happy, sad, laughter and tears. It will hit all your emotions. Think you’ve guessed that I loved it. I kept reading far too late into the night as wanted to see what happened next. Katie, Jamie and Alex are very human characters with all our faults and also our redeeming factors. I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I did.

  5. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    I loved every minute of this novel. Fascinating insight into the less than glamorous world of competitive ice skating. Katie was at the top of her career and aiming for the gold medal with her partner Alex, when that dream was shattered. She blames Alex but loses everything. Whose fault was the accident and is she really the “ice queen” as named by the press? When she then has to skate with novice Jamie, who has his own unsavoury reputation, on national television, what could be the outcome? A fabulous first novel, I couldn’t put it down; it’s definitely a favourite of mine now and I will look forward to rereading again in the future. Highly recommend!

  6. DonnaM
    DonnaM at

    Perceptive and thought-provoking story which is hard to put down.
    It starts with the accident that ends Katie’s skating career (caused by her skating partner Alex). Her ankle was severely damaged & she has never forgiven him.
    Forward to the present day and Katie has been invited to compete in a new reality TV programme (like Dancing on Ice). She needs the money so reluctantly accepts. She is paired with ex-rugby player Jamie who has demons of his own to get over.
    Both Katie and Jamie were badly portrayed in the press and lies told about them. As a result, they are judged on those personas rather than who they are now.
    The big twist to the TV programme is that Alex is one of the judging panel. Katie would never have agreed to take part if she had known he was there too.
    Helen Buckley gives an accurate portrayal of an abusive relationship whilst managing to keep you guessing about how things will turn out with Katie, Alex, and Jamie. I loved the ending too.

  7. Ruth
    Ruth at

    I found this a perfect read for a rainy day

    Initially a book with a subject about ice skating didn’t appeal to me, my every attempt of balancing on two thin metal blades while keeping upright on ice was unsuccessful and painful. I quickly discovered this book is more about people than the intricacies of skating.

    The plot for Strictly on Ice is based around a television series where professional skaters are invited to pair with athletes, train them to skate and together compete for a big money prize offering, for some, a way to promote a dwindling career.

    The two main characters are Katie Saunders who retired from professional skating after suffering a career ending injury, and her partner in the tv programme Jamie Welsh, an ex-rugby player with a dubious reputation. During weeks of close contact and intensive training, Katie and Jamie develop a close friendship but both have suffered heartbreak in the past and keep their relationship unromantic.

    As the television series continues towards the finals of the competition the attention of the media increases, particularly focusing on Katie’s past relationship with her ex-skating partner, and Jamie’s alleged misbehaviour.

    An interesting storyline, light-hearted and easy to read, with a satisfactory end.

  8. Anne
    Anne at

    What a super debut novel. I loved every minute of Helen Buckley’s Strictly on Ice. Katie’s skating career was cut short by an accident, and the last thing she wants is to take part in a reality TV show, sport star to skating star and to be partnered with ex-rugby player, Jamie, especially when her ex is one of the judges. Katie and Jamie are such great characters, really easy to believe in and empathise with. Their story was a fast-paced page turner, that I didn’t want to put down. Read and enjoy!

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