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The Art of Deception

Published Date: September 7, 2013

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Available as a Kindle eBook and audio CD/download


A novella


Jenny O’Connor can hardly believe her luck when she’s hired to teach summer art classes in Italy. Whilst the prospect of sun, sightseeing and Italian food is hard to resist, Jenny’s far more interested in her soon-to-be boss, Max Castanien. She’s blamed him for a family tragedy for as long as she can remember and now she wants answers.

But as the summer draws on and she spends more time with Max, she starts to learn first hand that there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Available as a Kindle ebook and an audio CD/download.  

Liz Harris

author photo_Liz HarrisRDLiz was born in London and now lives in South Oxfordshire with her husband. After graduating from university with a Law degree, she moved to California where she led a varied life, trying her hand at everything from cocktail waitressing on Sunset Strip to working as secretary to the CEO of a large Japanese trading company, not to mention a stint as ‘resident starlet’ at MGM. On returning to England, Liz completed a degree in English and taught for a number of years before developing her writing career.

Liz’s debut novel, The Road Back, won a 2012 Book of the Year Award from Coffee Time Romance in the USA and her second novel A Bargain Struck was highly praised by the Daily Mail in the UK.

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Customer Reviews


  1. Sylvia L
    Sylvia L at

    This review gives a real insight into this really enjoyable book, and is well written too.

  2. Robyn K
    Robyn K at

    This is my first Liz Harris book and She is an amazing author and I will be coming back for more of her titles. I what I loved about this book, was that no one was what they seemed. Jenny blamed Max for years and carried this huge weight of emotional baggage. She almost demonizing him until she actually met the man.

    I think luck had very little to do with Jenny’s new job; I felt like she spun a web and she waited for things to fall into place. There was definitely some amount of planning going on.

    Italy is described beautifully and the details are that of that of someone who loves and knows the region well. It was a very nice change of pace to read a book set somewhere so lovely. The other art student characters are just as interesting, as everyone had their own reasons to be there as well as Jenny.

    The one thing I didn’t like about this book was that it was too short. I didn’t want it to end. From the moment I picked it up I couldn’t put it down and it felt like it just flew by.

    The Art of deception is such an intriguing book with themes about revenge, hate, love and forgiveness. I highly recommend it as a fast paced quick read that wont let you down and you will remember for a long time after.

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