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The Rest of My Life

Published Date: April 7, 2016

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Selected as a Best Book of 2016 by WH Smith Travel & Kobo UK



You can’t run away from commitment forever …

Adam Hamilton-Shaw has more reason than most to avoid commitment. Living on a houseboat in the Severn Valley, his dream is to sail into the sunset – preferably with a woman waiting in every port. But lately, his life looks more like a road to destruction than an idyllic boat ride…

Would-be screenplay writer Sienna Meadows realises that everything about Adam spells trouble – but she can’t ignore the feeling that there is more to him than just his bad reputation. Nor can she ignore the intense physical attraction that exists between them.

And it just so happens that Adam sees Sienna as the kind of woman he could commit to. But can he change his damaging behaviour – or is the road to destruction a one-way street?

Available in paperback from most good bookshops in English speaking countries plus online bookstores. eBook available on all the major platform. Also available in large print and an audio download/CD.  

Sheryl Browne

Sheryl Browne

Sheryl Browne lives in Droitwich, England with her family. Working part-time in her own business, Sheryl is a mum, a foster mum to disabled dogs and super-pleased to have completed her Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Birmingham City University. She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and was shortlisted for Innovation in Romantic Fiction by Festival of Romance in 2012.

Heartache, humour, love, loss & betrayal, Sheryl Browne brings you edgy, sexy, poignant fiction.

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  1. Kate V
    Kate V at

    …This was a very sexually charged read but it also had bags of emotional and even funny moments which, in my opinion, made it a perfect all-rounder.
    Reviewed by Kate V at Family
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  2. Jo H
    Jo H at

    An OK read. Very predictable in places, I wanted to slap both main characters a few times as you could see where things were going. Hard to believe at first, but I carried on reading and had a connection by the end.

  3. Linda
    Linda at

    This is quite an action-packed novel. A lot happens here. It is quite a hot read at times! Adam is quite a complex hero to Sienna’ s role of heroine. The story has got a certain appeal to it, like milk chocolate concealing a chilli filling.

  4. Fresh Fiction
    Fresh Fiction at

    ……..THE REST OF MY LIFE is the first I have read by Sheryl Browne, and I was beguiled by this compassionate and heartrending tale. Losing faith in life and love makes it hard for Adam to restore pride in his life and learn to live again. I really enjoyed this emotional story of two people overcoming heartache and becoming courageous enough to reach out again for love. Sheryl Browne is a very talented and compassionate writer and I thoroughly enjoyed her imagination and creativity in THE REST OF MY LIFE.

    Reviewed by Kay at Fresh Fiction

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  5. Being Anne
    Being Anne at

    ….Even if I already knew about her great warmth and sense of humour, I really had no idea Sheryl Browne wrote so well. But I really should have – Choc Lit don’t publish any old thing. Please read this one – even if you think it might not be entirely your cup of tea. I wouldn’t have said it was mine either before reading, but I really loved it. And it wasn’t just because of Adam – really it wasn’t!

    Reviewed by Anne at Being Anne Blogspot

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  6. Rachel
    Rachel at

    …I loved The Rest of My Life, and I finished it with a huge smile on my face. In places it was comical, and others very tender and loving, and the hidden depths to Adam especially I loved learning about.

    Reviewed by Rachel at Rachel’s Random Reads

    >p>Read the full review here …

  7. Double-Edged Words
    Double-Edged Words at

    ….THIS Choc Lit book will have you giggling a bit, crying a LOT (I love books that spot up my glasses with projectile tears), and falling in love with a damaged commitment-phob PRAT ☺ who just wants to love and be loved (don’t we all?). The h is a communication-phob. What is a communication-phob? It’s someone who runs from every misunderstanding and jumping to the wrong conclusion. Some would call her TSTL, but I wouldn’t go that far with her. Every runaway moment was well thought out for at LEAST three minutes. Goodness, I want to put another winky emoticon here, but that might just be one too many.

    Overall, this book is brilliant and was very hard to put down. It’s one that made me want to forget about necessary real-life things like peeing and sleep. I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea to ease my pounding book hangover.

    Reviewed by Amelyn at Double-Edged Words

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  8. Sorcha
    Sorcha at

    Sexy, heartfelt and gorgeously written, ‘The Rest of My Life’ is a definite five-star read!

    …. And what took me really by surprise: This book is ‘HOT! HOT! HOT!’. A steamy, heart-pounding romance, with two characters that you will root for from the beginning.

    5 Stars!

    Reviewed by Sorcha at Old Victorian Quill

    Read the full review here …

  9. Anne
    Anne at

    ….I felt so sorry for Adam as his actions resulted in some very painful experiences (physical and emotional). His friend Nate was brilliant – very supportive but close to the end of his tether!

    Can we have a second book about Nate please?

    Great read – Choc Lit NEVER disappoints!>/p>

    Reviewed by Anne at Annie Cooper’s Book Corner

    Read the full review here …

  10. Suze
    Suze at

    ….Sheryl Browne’s words are sparkling, they are so energetic. I admire the way she writes her stories, they are full of life. Sheryl’s main characters are different, they have quirks and they don’t have standard jobs. I love that about them. Even though Adam should be bad news I liked him straight away and I wanted him to find love. He isn’t a bad guy, he’s messed up. Sheryl Browne manages to give her characters a lot of depth. She doesn’t only do that when she writes big and important scenes, but also with small gestures. Adam is trying to do the right thing for Sienna, he’s courting her, he’s trying to convince her dad that he’s worthy of his daughter’s love and he’s there when she needs to be saved. All of that makes his mistakes easily forgiven and forgotten. Adam and Sienna are an unusual couple and their story is quite unique. I liked that a lot. I really enjoyed reading this book, I love Sheryl Browne’s strong and intense writing, it’s a joy to read.

    Reviewed by Suze at Librarian Lavender

    Read the full review here …

  11. Sophie
    Sophie at

    I’ve read all of Sheryl Browne’s books so far. The Rest of My Life was by far my favourite. Fun, flirty, sassy, witty and moving, this is the perfect book to read on your sunlounger (just remember to save yourself a cold drink to cool yourself down after some pretty steamy moments!). Sheryl has the ability to make you laugh on every single page but I felt like The Rest of My Life showcased her writing to be even stronger and the humour felt more natural and the kind to sneak up on you and have you giggling away. Leading character Sienna meets Adam as he attempts to rescue her lovable dog Tobias, not talented in the swimming area, from drowning. What a hero Adam appeared to be, until about five seconds later when he’s telling Sienna off for not taking better care of her dog. Grumpiness aside, Sienna is drawn to Adam but soon discovers she is not the only one, as she loses count of the number of women he’s sleeping with on his houseboat. But maybe there’s more appeal to Adam than first meets the eye…

    Reviewed by Sophie at Reviewed the Book

    Read the full review here …

  12. Marsha
    Marsha at

    ….There is deep sadness in The Rest Of My Life. There is also the moment of discovery of a second chance being handed over and the only thing one has to do really is reach out with their true self and grab it with both hands. I shed tears, belly laughed, mourned and rejoiced during the time I spent with Adam and Sienna. I discovered two wounded people who found what they needed in each other, they only had to admit that they were worth the risk. Add in a sweet aging dog, a ghostly presence, friends that only want the best for you in spite of yourself, an overprotective and charming father to the mix and you will find an amazing romance well worth your risk in reading it. I would highly recommend The Rest Of My Life to anyone who believes in second chances and that true love will win everything in the end.

    Sometimes a story sticks with you long after the final word is read. The Rest Of My Life is that kind of story.

    Reviewed by Marsha at Keeper Bookshelf

    Read the full review here …

  13. BuckEyeAngel Blogspot
    BuckEyeAngel Blogspot at

    I loved the story with the plot and characters. I definitely recommend to anyone that likes this genre.

    Reviewed by Angel at Buckeye Angel Blogspot

    Read the full review here …

  14. Sue Thomas
    Sue Thomas at

    An enchanting and intriguing read, with Sheryls well known and highly contagious chuckle factor. What can I say, it’s half past midnight but no way was I putting it down until I had finished reading this gentle, but strong love story. Thank you Sheryl. …..

  15. …The Rest of My Life is an entertaining love story where, inevitably, the path to true love doesn’t run smoothly. There were a few really funny moments in the story too such as when Adam was on the phone to Sienna on several occasions being, shall I politely say amorous, only to discover that her PE instructor father was listening grimly behind! There’s a hint of magic in this book, with a ghostly presence guiding some of Adam’s decisions. I learned a fabulous new word too – gongoozler: someone who enjoys watching activity on canals.

    The Rest of My Life was a great fun, really enjoyable read and it turned out that Adam was a true ChocLit hero after all! Definitely recommend this one for summer holiday reading.

    Reviewed by Joanne, Portobello Book Blog

    Read the full review here …

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