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Watch For Me By Candlelight

Published Date: April 3, 2018

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Hartsford Mysteries

320 pages


“The stars are aligning and it’s time again …”

Working at the Folk Museum in Hartsford village means that Kate Howard is surrounded by all sorts of unusual vintage items. Of course she has her favourites; particularly the Victorian ice skates with a name – ‘CAT’ – mysteriously painted on the sides.

But what Kate doesn’t realise is how much she has in common with Catriona Aphrodite Tredegar, the original owner of the skates, or how their lives will become strangely entwined. All Kate knows is that as soon as she bumps into farrier Theo Kent, things start getting weird: there’s the vivid, disconcerting visions and then of course the overwhelming sense that she’s met Theo before …

Hartsford Mysteries series. Other books in series: Watch for Me by Moonlight, Watch for Me by Twilight and Watch for Me at Christmas.  

Available as an eBook on all platforms.  

Kirsty Ferry

Kirsty FerryKirsty Ferry is from the North East of England and lives there with her husband and son. She won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing competition and has had articles and short stories published in various magazines. Her work also appears in several anthologies, incorporating such diverse themes as vampires, crime, angels and more.

Kirsty loves writing ghostly mysteries and interweaving fact and fiction. The research is almost as much fun as writing the book itself, and if she can add a wonderful setting and a dollop of history, that’s even better.

Her day job involves sharing a building with an eclectic collection of ghosts, which can often prove rather interesting.



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Customer Reviews


  1. LostinbooksSam / Mummy Sam
    LostinbooksSam / Mummy Sam at

    Kate & Theo or Cat & Will ?
    2nd book in the Hartsford Mysteries

    A beautifully written time slip novel perfectly blending the here and now directly with the past.

    We met Alex & Elodie in the previous book – along with Alex’s sister, Cassie.

    This book is more centred around Kate, who runs the museum at Hartsford House. There are little cottages as well, displaying different historical items. Kate’s favourite is a pair of old ice skates which are displayed in Blacksmith Will’s cottage. It is here where Kate starts slipping back to Cat and where we discover the story of Cat and Will.

    It has a fun section where Cassie holds a Living History Weekend. Kate dresses up in the regalia and the image of her riding an old fashioned bike – upcycled to sell ice cream is brilliant.

    I really enjoyed this. I did get a little confused in the middle section between Cat and Kate but otherwise loved it.

  2. Stacey R
    Stacey R at

    Kate is working at her dream job running a museum – unfortunately it is Suffolk, far away from her boyfriend in London. She doesn’t mind too much though, she’s buried in her work and currently fascinated with a pair of 19th century ice skates and the woman who owned them. That is, until she meets Theo and can’t help shaking the feeling that she’s met him somewhere before. When big changes start happening in her life, will she let a little bit of fate in?

    This novel was fantastic. I’ve read a previous by this same author that I liked, but something in this novel just really spoke to me. Who isn’t intrigued by romance, ghosts, and a sprinkle of fate?

    I was provided a free advance copy of this book in return for an honest review and I am happy to endorse this novel to all readers who love contemporary romance (with a bit of historical thrown in).

  3. Yvonne Greene
    Yvonne Greene at

    A great story with wonderful characters. Swapping seamlessly between a modern day story and a 19th century tale of star crossed lovers, this is beautifully written with characters you will adore. The setting of a Suffolk stately home just adds to the atmosphere. Highly recommend this novel!

  4. Ruth
    Ruth at

    A most unusual ghost story
    Kate is constantly surrounded by local history: she works in the village museum and lives in a flat above. When she meets a travelling farrier, Theo, they have an immediate attraction to each other, both experiencing a strange sensation of familiarity. Kate and Theo soon begin to see apparitions of their former selves who lived back in the 19th century. Kirsty Ferry’s clever writing makes this an utterly compelling read.

  5. Gill L.
    Gill L. at

    This is the story of Kate, who runs a small Folk Museum in Hartsford, somewhere in Suffolk. She undergoes some strange experiences – of another life. Into her own life comes Theo, but he is also part of the alternative life somehow, and we see a little more of some of Kirsty’s previous characters which is a treat too. This is another gem for my collection from Kirsty Ferry, her stories are so atmospheric and truly romantic, she has carved herself a very nice little niche with her time slip style and we get a sort of two for one in the romance department. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next – make it soon please.

  6. This book does indeed confirm Kirsty Ferry as one of the best time slip authors. In Watch for me by Candlelight we are back at Hartsford Hall in Suffolk. Elodie, who featured in Watch for Me by Moonlight, is now married to Alex and pregnant with twins. This time the story centres on Kate Howard who looks after Hartsford Hall’s Folk Museum. As the story begins Kate starts her day with a visit to the bakery to collect rolls for her breakfast. There she bumps into a stranger. He looks familiar. Kate wonders where she’s seen him before.

    Right from the off I really liked Kate’s character. She’s committed to her job, loves Hartsford Hall and the village and has unlimited patience with everyone. One night the unexpected sound of the cuckoo clock downstairs wakes her and triggers the beginning of her time travel adventures. She finds herself back in Victorian times as Catriona Tredegar a young woman staying at Hartsford Hall with her friend Lady Amelia (Millie) Hartsford. A nasty fall while skating on the ice has brought the Hall’s blacksmith Will Hadden to her rescue and sees the beginning of a forbidden love affair between the two of them.

    Nineteenth and twenty first century stories run together seamlessly. Kate has her share of troubles with arrogant, self-absorbed boyfriend Chris and her awkward assistant Jenna. And then there’s her attraction to newly arrived farrier Theo Kent, the familiar stranger she bumped into at the bakery. Both heroines face many challenges, Cat probably more so due to the social restrictions of the time.  Her love affair with Will seems doomed from the very beginning. With everything stacked against them can they ever have a happy ever after?

    The story is also related in parts from Will and Theo’s viewpoints, adding their voices and life challenges into to mix.  All in all it made for an absorbing read.

    Although it was sad to say goodbye to Katie, Theo, Cat and Will, I held onto the thought that Kirsty no doubt still has many more Hartsford Hall tales up her sleeve – great news for all of us.

    All in all an excellent read with great characters, well deserving of five stars.

    I would like to thank Choc Lit for an ARC copy of Watch for Me by Candlelight in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Els Ebraert
    Els Ebraert at

    I have read part one of the series and I really liked it. So, when I was asked if I wanted to read the next book, I did not hesitate for one second. I honestly thought it would have been difficult to top it, but I have to admit I was wrong. This part I even liked more. Normally I am not a big fan of time travel, but the author has made me change my mind. The way she writes, adds emotions and drags you in to the story is high class.

    It’s also nice to see that one of the characters ends up, even only for a while, in your home country. It even connects you more to the story.
    If you have missed part one, hurry and buy it and oh, don’t forget to add this one to your basket as well. I know you will enjoy it as much as i did.

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