January 3 for 2 sale on Kobo

January 3 for 2 sale on Kobo

3 for 2 sale

Get 3 for the price of 2 on bestselling series at Kobo books. Choose from the following:

Christina Courtenay – Shadows from the Past series:
The Silent Touch of Shadows
The Soft Whisper of Dreams

Margaret James – Charton Minster series:
The Golden Chain
The Penny Bangle
The Wedding Diary

Linda Mitchelmore – Emma series:
To Turn Full Circle
Emma – There’s No Turning Back
Emma and Her Daughter

Sue Moorcroft – Middledip series:
Starting Over
All That Mullarkey
Dream a Little Dream

Jane Lovering – Yorkshire Romance series:
Hubble Bubble
Star Struck
How I Wonder What You Are

Christine Stovell – Little Spitmarsh series:
Turning The Tide
Follow a Star

Isabella Connor – Emerald Isle Romance series:
Beneath an Irish Sky
An Irish Promise

Janet Gover – Coorah Creek series:
Flight to Coorah Creek
The Wild One
Christmas at Coorah Creek

Amanda James – Time Traveller series:
A Stitch in Time
Cross Stitch